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Utility: Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture for WebSphere Application Server V7.0



IBM WebSphere Application Server Feature Packs are optionally installable product extensions that offer targeted, incremental new features.


IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.0 Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture (SCA) extends the capabilities of Application Server V7.0 to enable you to construct applications that are based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). By leveraging core components of the Apache Tuscany open source project, the Feature Pack for SCA provides an implementation of the Open SCA specifications. The Open SCA specifications were designed by key technology vendors, including IBM, to address the service composition and assembly development needs of organizations adopting SOA.

Improved Flexibility

The Feature Pack for SCA enables you to adapt your applications to reflect changes in your business environment. You can reuse components in your application from other business processes and composite applications. This reuse enables you to easily combine services to create more complex composite applications. In addition, you can adjust your business solutions for various technology offerings. For example, you can adjust protocols and deployment targets without rebuilding the business application.

Increased Programmer Flexibility
The Feature Pack for SCA enable you to focus on solving business problems rather than dealing with the technological complexities to connect service providers and consumers. You can use the same fundamental principles to merge existing assets and newly engineered components. To speed the development of composite applications and solutions, the feature pack enables you to:

  • Organize the service components into logical modules.
  • Leverage the loosely coupled service model with clear service definitions to enable developers to work independently and in parallel

What is provided in the WebSphere Application Server V7.0 Feature Pack for SCA?
  • Simplifies service composition and assembly in Java™ using the Service Component Architecture (SCA) programming model
  • Uses an Apache Tuscany (open-community, open-standards)-based run time
  • Implements POJO (Java Object) service component and includes support for annotations
  • Provides intra and inter-composite asynchronous capability
  • Supports a recursive composition model
  • Includes SCA bindings with Web Services, SCA default, and EJB 2-3 bindings
  • Includes Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) for data
  • Integrates with the Web Services functionality in the area of policy sets and bindings
  • Contains a virtual SCA domain on WebSphere Application Server distributed operating systems, WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment, and in a clustering environment
  • Contains a shared contribution that honors dynamic artifacts resolution in Network Deployment environments
  • Has a quality of service that supports Transaction and Security Policy and Workload Management (WLM)
  • Includes SCA sample applications

Hardware Prerequisites

Any hardware that supports WebSphere Application Server V7.0 or later

Software Prerequisites

WebSphere Application Server V7.0.0.1.
Note: If you attempt to install the feature pack on WebSphere Application Server V7.0 on a distributed operating system, the installation process updates the non-feature pack code to V7.0.0.1.

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WebSphere Application Server Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture

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WebSphere Application Server Version 7.0 Feature Pack for Service Component Architecture

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