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Using the WSADMIN tool to add custom attributes to VMM

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How do I add custom or non existing attributes to the VMM Schema using the WSADMIN tool?


VMMSYNC will not synchronize data that does not have an attribute defined in the PersonAccount entity. After setting up a trace, this error appears in SystemOut.log: CWWIM4516E  The 'memberof' property is not defined for the '[PersonAccount]' entity type.


1) From Websphere\AppServer\bin type wsadmin.bat and login with your Websphere Credentials
2) From the wsadmin command line type the following, for this example I used the memberOf Active Directory attribute and added it to the PersonAccount entity on the VMM Repository

$AdminTask addIdMgrPropertyToEntityTypes {-name memberof -dataType string -entityTypeNames PersonAccount}

3) Synchronize the node by running syncnode.bat in 'ibm\websphere\appserver\profiles\ctgappsrv01\bin'

'syncnode.bat yourhostname'

You will be prompted for your wasadmin username and password

4) Restart your MXServer and you should now be able to sync data from the latest attribute added to the VMM Repository for the PersonAccount entity

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26 May 2020