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Using TCPPORT to report JVM hostname instead of monitor hostname

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When the monitored JVM goes down, how can you configure the TCPPORT monitor to report the JVM hostname instead of the agent hostname?


By default, TCPPORT monitors report the agent hostname instead of the hostname where the failure occurs. Here is how to configure an ITM situation to report the JVM hostname instead of the agent hostname. Event data is forwarded to Omnibus.

The TCPPORT monitor listens on the JVM's application port. The situation uses the ServiceLevel attribute to determine that the JVM is down, and it uses the Display Item option to surface the JVM's hostname.

1) In the Navigator tree, right-click your Internet Service Monitors link. Select Situations from the popup menu.

2) Click the Show Situations icon.

3) Check the first two checkboxes in the Show Situations panel.

4) Click the second icon to create a new situation.

5) Enter a situation name. Take the default for the other entries. Click OK.

6) Select the attribute group KIS_TCPPORT and the attribute ServiceLevel. Click OK.

7) Set the situation to trigger when ServiceLevel != 1. Click Apply.

8) Click the Advanced button.

9) Click the Display Item tab. Set the Display Item to Host. Click OK to save these settings.

10) Click the Distribution tab. Distribute the situation to managed systems where you are using the TCPPORT monitor to monitor JVMs. Click Apply.

11) Click Apply to save the situation.

12) Right click the new situation name in the left column of the situation editor. Select the Start Situation command..

13) Click OK to dismiss the situation editor.

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17 June 2018