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Using Microsoft Visual Studio 6 with IBM Rational Rhapsody

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Starting from IBM Rational Rhapsody 8.0, there is no official support for Microsoft Visual Studio 6. This document lists the manual changes you will have to make in order to use Rational Rhapsody with MS Visual Studio 6.


    1. Open the attached file.
    2. Extract the file msmake.bat to the \Share\etc directory of your Rational Rhapsody installation.
    3. Open the msmake.bat file.
    4. In the line:
      call "%VS_6_PATH%\bin\VcVars32.bat" x86
      replace %VS_6_PATH% with the path to the bin directory of your Visual Studio installation, for example, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98"
    5. Extract the following .prp files to the \Share\Properties directory of your Rational Rhapsody installation.
      • siteC++Pre80MSVS6Envs.prp contains MSVS6 C++ environments
      • siteCPre80MSVS6Envs.prp contains MSVS6 C environments
      • sitePre80MSVS6MicroC.prp contains MSVS6 MicroC environment
    6. For each of the prp files listed above, open the relevant site*.prp file in the \Share\Properties directory, and add a line to include the revelant .prp file. For example, in siteC++.prp, add the line:
      Include "siteC++Pre80MSVS6Envs.prp"
    7. Start Rational Rhapsody.
    8. Open a model.
    9. Open the Features window for one of the Configurations in your model.
    10. Go to the Settings tab, and select Microsoft from the "Environment" drop-down list.
    11. Select Code -> BuildFramework from the Rational Rhapsody main menu.

    Note: If your model uses the MicroC MainLoopMicrosoft environment, you don't need to perform steps 9-11.


    All source code and/or binaries attached to this document are referred to here as "the Program". IBM is not providing program services of any kind for the Program. IBM is providing the Program on an "AS IS" basis without warranty of any kind. IBM WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY ACTUAL, DIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR INDIRECT DAMAGES OR FOR ANY ECONOMIC CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING LOST PROFITS OR SAVINGS), EVEN IF IBM, OR ITS RESELLER, HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

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27 May 2022