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Using the "Manage Profiles Interactive" tool to create new profiles in WebSphere Application Server



The Profile Management Tool (PMT) GUI might not be available on certain operating systems where the required GTK+ libraries are not installed.  As a result, you must use the manageprofiles command-line tool shipped with WebSphere Application Server to create new profiles or augment existing ones.


Creating new profiles with the manageprofiles tool is confusing, time consuming, and error prone.


The manageprofiles.[sh|bat] script is difficult to use and has many complex and confusing parameters.

The Manage Profiles Interactive Tool uses your own systems environment to prompt you through the various required and optional parameters. After you are satisfied with your selections, the command is launched by using the manageprofile.[sh|bat] to create the profile. Which greatly increases the ease and speed in creating a new profile or augmenting an existing one.


Windows or UNIX, 32-bit and 64-bit

Resolving The Problem

The file (attached) contains the executable manageprofilesInteractive.jar, and launch scripts run_manageprofileInteractive.bat and
  1. Extract the file into the following directory:
  2. Launch the following command from the command line:
  3. The  manageprofilesInteractive utility prompts you to select each of the required parameters then lists all the optional parameters associated with a specific profile template.

Once you are satisfied with your selections the utility finishes by calling the manageprofiles.[bat|sh] command-line utility, which is shipped with WebSphere Application Server, passing all selected parameters.
This greatly reduces the time it takes to create a profile for WebSphere Application Server and reduces the opportunity for user errors.

Flash demonstration

Screenshot of main menu

(version: V0.6.6 ~ 2011.05.10)

Additional details
The Support Authority: Take the confusion (and errors) out of managing profiles for WebSphere Application Server

While IBM welcomes any comments or suggestions that might help to improve this utility, it is not supported by IBM and is provided on an "as-is" basis. IBM may make updates if needed and as time permits.

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28 September 2021