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Using lbtest to verify connectivity with ACSLS server



ANR8855E error is seen when the Tivoli Storage Manager server attempts to communicate with an ACSLS server:


ANR8855E ACSAPI(acs_query_server) response with unsuccessful status,


An ACS status of 'STATUS_IPC_FAILURE' is most commonly seen as the result of a communication error when attempting to establish a connection with the ACSLS server.

Resolving The Problem

The Tivoli Storage Manager device driver provides an utility called lbtest which can be used to test the functionality of the tape library. This utility can also be used to test connectivity to the ACSLS server by performing the following actions:

    1. The lbtest utility can be found in the devices bin directory on the Tivoli Storage Manager server. On UNIX platforms, the default locations are as follows:
      /opt/tivoli/tsm/devices/bin, or

    On Windows platforms, the lbtest utility can be found in the following default location:
      C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\console

    2. Start the lbtest utility by issuing the following command:
      DOS prompt: lbtest
      UNIX command-line: ./lbtest

      Note: lbtest is a 32-bit executable; on 64-bit platforms a corresponding 64-bit executable (lbtest64) is provided and should be used instead of lbtest.

    3. From the main menu, select option #1 (Manual test)
    4. From the manual test menu, select option #51 (acsls query_server)

The results from this query should display the status of ACSLS and the tape library. If, however, this query should also fail due to a STATUS_IPC_FAILURE, then this is an indication that there may be a problem with the configuration or network that is preventing a successful connection with the ACSLS server from being established. Additional problem determination steps can be found in technote #1440305 at the URL below.

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17 June 2018