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Using a JDBC Connector to connect to DB2 on iSeries (AS400)



Customer's may experience an issue when setting up a JDBC Connector to connect to DB2 on iSeries.

Resolving The Problem

The customer will need the correct driver for UDB on AS/400.  There are a couple of JDBC drivers, although the customer needs the one that runs on a non-iSeries platform. 

The driver can be downloaded from the IBM Toolbox for Java from [Welcome to IBM Toolbox for Java and JTOpen](

The jt400.jar driver is included in the JTOpen package. Documentation for the driver including the JavaDoc for the properties supported by the driver that can be specified in the URL are included in the iSeries Java Toolbox.  

The jt400.jar file should be placed in the <TDI Installation Directory>\jars\3rdparty\IBM directory. The TDIServer must be shutdown and restarted. For additional information you can reference the TDI Reference Guide > Connectors > JDBC Connector from the IBM Knowledge Center.

The driver specific configuration parameters that have to be provided on the TDI JDBC Connector configuration panel include:

JDBC URL:  jdbc:as400://hostname/default-schema
  • replace hostname and default-schema with the database details from the iSeries server.

JDBC Driver:
  • the driver name for TDI to load.

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03 November 2022