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Using IBM Content Collector for Files with Business Automation Content Services on Cloud

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IBM Content Collector Interim Fix 004 supports Business Automation Content Services on Cloud as a repository for IBM Content Collector for Files. This document provides the steps for setting up a new server to use this feature.


IBM Content Collector (ICC) uses Business Automation Content Services on Cloud (BACSoC) application program interface (API) to archive File System documents on the cloud.
Setting up ICC Server to use BACSoC APIs with File Systems
  1. Download the Content Platform Engine (CPE) API package from the BACSoC user portal.
  2. Install Web Services Enhancements (WSE).
  3. Install CPE 5.5.3 .Net API (FileNetApiSetup.msi) and confirm the CPE 5.5.3 .Net API version in the control panel.
  4. Create a directory structure and copy all the files from cpeapilib (downloaded in Step 1) to this path:
    C:\Program Files\IBM\FileNet\CEClient\lib
  5. Take a backup of version.txt file from cpeapilib (downloaded in Step 1) and place it in this location:
    C:\Program Files\IBM\FileNet\CEClient
    Rename the file to ce_version.txt.
  6. Install Content Collector 4.0.1 and Fix Pack 10 with File Systems as Source and FileNet P8 as Repository.
    Ignore the prerequisites missing error for IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine Client during the installation.
  7. Install the following Content Collector interim fixes in the given sequence.
    1. IBM Content Collector Interim Fix 002 (Java security patch)
    2. IBM Content Collector Interim Fix 003 (defect fixes)
    3. IBM Content Collector Interim Fix 004 (Business Automation Content Services on Cloud support)
  8. Add the following environment variable and reboot the system.
    Variable name: IBMAFUFNCEROOT
    Value: C:\Program Files\IBM\FileNet\CEClient
  9. Set the following variable in the startInitialConfig.bat file located under:
    <IBM Installation folder>\Configuration
    @set IBMAFUFNCEROOT= C:\Program Files\IBM\FileNet\CEClient
  10. Set the following variable in AfuEnv.bat file located under:
    <IBM Installation folder>AFUWEB
    @set FNCEPATH= C:\Program Files\IBM\FileNet\CEClient
  11. Launch Initial Configuration Wizard and follow the steps.
    Ensure that you remove the slash appended in the P8 URL field in the initial configuration wizard for successful CEAdministrator user validation.
  12. After the initial configuration, open the newly created catalog and navigate to the P8 Connector.
  13. Ensure that the status of the P8 Connection Set is not in the 'error' state. If it is in error state, cross-check whether Content Collector Interim Fix 004 is applied correctly.
  14. Establish a trust relationship between the Content Collector Web Application Server and BACSoC as given below.
    1. Obtain Business Automation Content Services on Cloud certificate:
      • Open Business Automation Content Services on Cloud URL in a browser.
      • Click the lock icon on the address bar and view the certificate.
      • Export the certificate to a File.
      • While exporting, select the Cryptographic message syntax standard-PKCS #7 certificate (. P7B) option and check Include all certificate in certification path if possible.
      • Provide certificate name, click Next and then click Finish.
    2. For the remaining steps, refer to the Establishing a trust relationship with IBM FileNet P8 section in Migration of IBM Embedded WebSphere Application Server to IBM WebSphere Liberty Application Server.
  15. Open the browser to check if the following link opens successfully.
    In case of an error, cross-check whether Content Collector Interim Fix 004 is applied and all the previous steps are followed correctly.

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05 November 2019