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Using a custom font with Birt reports



If you are using a custom font - one that does not come standard with your operating system - you may find that it will not appear correctly in your Birt reports - either in the viewer or in the printed output


You install and utilize a Custom font, such as Carlito, which is not standard with your operating system, yet in your output you notice that the print is not using your font.


The font is not identified correctly on the server and/or workstations

Diagnosing The Problem

Your font is not showing in the output. The report engine is utilizing a standard font in it's place.

Resolving The Problem

Not only do you need to install the font on the server and the workstations as per our existing documentation, but you will also need to modify a few xml files on the server.

The 2 xml files you need to address are

  • fonfsConfig.xml
  • fontsConfig_pdf.xml

These files reside within a Birt jar file and will need to be extracted, edited, and re-added back to the jar before rebuilding and redeploying the ear.

For example, for Birt 2.3.2, the jar file is found here:

An example of what you need to do is provided below:
  • add <path path="/usr/share/fonts/google-crosextra-carlito" /> and
<encoding font-family="Carlito" encoding="Cp1252" /> to the fontsConfig.xml
  • add <encoding font-family="Carlito" encoding="Cp1252" /> to the fontsConfig_pdf.xml

Note: This information is provided "as-is". This document is provided in an effort to assist in your use of Birt with Maximo however it is not supported by the Maximo support team

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17 June 2018