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Using App Connect Professional end point - ActiveMQ - Cannot read off queue.



Known issue in ActiveMQ. This issue occurs when the JMX API receiveWithNowait is called and the call returns null even if there is a message in queue. Resolve the problem by adding the value "ReceiveWithWait" from the JMX Console.


Known issue in ActiveMQ.

Diagnosing The Problem

SEVERE [T-110][com.approuter.module.common.util.LogHelper] "Exception while creating
the connection to destination. The Exception is: Could not create
Transport. Reason: Transport scheme NOT recognized:
javax.jms.JMSException: Could not create Transport. Reason: Transport scheme NOT recognized: [tcp]


Resolving The Problem

Note: You need to create a service request with IBM Support and engage with a Cast Iron Support engineer who can provide shell access.

Here are detailed instructions:

1.) Log in to the App Connect Professional (Cast Iron) appliance and enter the system shell.
2) Execute the jmxport on command from the System Shell. Now you can connect via jconsole.exe.
3) Open the command prompt from your workstation and enter jconsole.exe. Make sure the JRE installed on your system- jconsole.exe is part of the JRE)

In the JCONSOLE.exe interface:
1) Select the Remote Access radio button and add the following IP address with port <ApplianceIP:1999>
2) Provide the username-password. For example, controlRole-iControlRole.
3) Click connect
4) Expand JmsModule->JmsModuleInfo->Attribute->Click ReceiveWithWait
5) On the right side screen, you the attribute name and, value. Enter 100 in the value field.
6) Click Refresh.
7) Start the orchestration and try to re-create the issue.

Once you completed these steps, go to the system shell and enter the following command to disable the JMX Port: "jmxport off"
To make sure if JMX port is disabled, run the command "jmxport status"

(It displays port disabled)

Reboot the App Connect Professional (Cast Iron) appliance.

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09 March 2020