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Users should not set the Everyone security group to "Independent of Other Groups"

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Can the Everyone security group be set to "Independent of Other Groups"


The System Administrator's guide mentions the following in regards to the EVERYONE security group:

Using the Security Controls action in the Security Groups application or Users
application, you can specify the group for all users, EVERYONE, in the Group for
all Users field. The EVERYONE group always combines, even if the group is
specified as independent.

However you should not change the EVERYONE group to "Independent of Other Groups" because doing this may effect the contextual settings for some applications, such as showing certain fields for only certain types of assets or making only certain menu items available on certain types of records. Changing the EVERYONE group to Independent has been associated with causing problems with the Move/Modify Assets popup window not showing any assets or fields in the Work Order Tracking application. Because of issues such as this the "Independent of Other Groups" option should not be checked for the EVERYONE security group.

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17 June 2018