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The user is already authenticated in all available namespaces



User launches Controller client. User selects the relevant database. User types in their username/password.
  • An error appears.
After acknowledging this error, they receive a second error.


The user is already authenticated in all available namespaces


The user currently logged in is not authorized to use this method


There are several possible causes for this error message.
  • TIP: For more examples, see separate IBM Technote #1346138.

This Technote specifically relates to the scenario where the Controller environment has recently been changed from using 'native' security to 'Cognos' security, but none of the other required steps (required to make it work) have been performed.
  • TIP: Cognos security is normally enabled because the administrator would like to use an Access Manager or Active Directory namespace.
More Information
After changing the Controller Configuration setting from 'native' to 'Cognos', then the Cognos 8 namespace user (e.g. Windows or Access Manager user) who first logs on to Controller is associated with the ADM 'Controller/native security' user. This Cognos user must be configured (inside Cognos Connection) to be a member of both the 'Controller Administrator' and 'Controller Users' built-in Cognos user group.

If the user is not a member of these groups, then this user (and all other users) can no longer log onto Controller again.

Resolving The Problem

Launch Cognos Connection and reconfigure the memberships to ensure that all relevant users (especially the Controller super-user) are defined inside the groups "Controller Administrator" and/or "Controller Users" as appropriate.


  • If necessary, you may need to delete some of the information inside the XCAMUSER table
  • This table stores the associations between Controller 'native' and Cognos 8 users.

Afterwards, log back into the Controller itself and re-configure the Controller native users to be associated to the correct Cognos 8 namespace users.


PART ONE: Adding Cognos users to Controller roles

  1. Launch http://controllerserver/cognos8
  2. Open Cognos Connection
  3. Click 'Tools' - 'Directory'
  4. Open the 'Cognos' namespace
  5. Click on the 'properties' icon to the right of 'Controller Users'
  6. Add the relevant users to this group, from the Cognos 8 namespace (for example, it may be called <domainname> or whatever)
  7. Click on the 'properties' icon to the right of 'Controller Administrators'
  8. Add the relevant users to this group, from the Cognos 8 namespace (for example 'DOMAIN')
  9. Exit 'Cognos Connection' website

TIP: The following instructions are based on SQL 2000. Modify them slightly if you are using a different database system:

PART TWO: Opening the XCAMUSER table:
  1. Logon to the SQL server, and launch SQL Enterprise Manager
  2. Locate the Controller database
  3. Purely as a precaution, take a backup of the database before proceeding
  4. Expand the database, and expand 'Tables'
  5. Locate the table 'XCAMUSER'
  6. Right-click on XCAMUSER and choose 'return all rows'

PART THREE: Editing the XCAMUSER table:
Modify the XCAMUSER table so that the CONTROLLERUSER, CAMUSER and CAMID entries are correct

  • Do not delete any entries inside the 'CONTROLLERUSER' column
  • Instead, only modify/delete information inside the 'CAMUSER' and 'CAMID' columns as appropriate
  • Examples:
    (1) Typically, you would only want to delete the 'CAMUSER' and 'CAMID' information inside the row referring to the ADM user
    • =>The next person to logon to Controller would become associated with the 'ADM' user
    (2) For a test/development system, you may want to delete all information inside the columns CAMUSER and CAMID and therefore 'start again from scratch'
    (3) Alternatively, see separate Technote 1371371 for instructions on how to manually edit the XCAMUSER table.

PART FOUR: Configuration inside Controller program
  1. Close SQL Enterprise Manager
  2. Logon to the client PC
  3. Ensure that you have authenticated to Cognos 8 (typically this simply means that you are logged onto Windows with the correct user ID) as the user that you want associated with ADM
  4. Launch Controller
  5. Without logging out (of Controller), proceed immediately to 'Maintain' - 'Rights' - 'Users'.
  6. Associate at least one other Controller 'native' user to a Cognos8 user. TIP: If you do not have any other native users to use (i.e. you only have ADM), you should create a new one by clicking on "New".
  7. Click on the CAMUSER lookup and select the Cognos 8 namespace user. Edit the userid (if desired), and save.

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