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Use the embedded Metronome to measure RTC Server response times

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How can you measure IBM Rational Team Concert Server responses times?


The Rational Team Concert Eclipse Client offers an out of the box feature, Metronome - that helps and measure the response times between the Rational Team Concert Client and the Rational Team Concert Server.

To use the Metronome feature:

  1. Download the Rational Team Concert from the download page.

  2. Start the Client and create a repository connection (to the server customer intends to test).

  3. Go to Window > Preferences > Team > Jazz Source Control

  4. Enable the Metronome feature and save/apply your changes.

  5. Observe: a new section is displayed in the bottom right corner of the Rational Team Concert Client.

  6. Double-click this section to display the Metronome UI (and possibly clear existing data by clicking the reset button:

  7. Go to Connection tab, and click the Test Connection button.

  8. Wait for the test to complete and observe the results.

The connection page of the Metronome contains information about expected response times which will be good indicators of the server connection health.

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16 June 2018