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Usage of the System Property webclient.multibrowsersupport



Maximo allows the use of multi-tab browsers.


Multiple sessions of Maximo will lose track of their current state and may conflict with each other.

Diagnosing The Problem

Links clicked from an email may not resolve or perform correctly or multiple tabs may hang or produce inconsistent results

Resolving The Problem

Versions of Maximo prior to 6.2.2 do not support Internet Explorer 7 with multiple tabs or multiple external links to Maximo through email or another source. Current versions of Maximo support a property identified as follows:

File where the property is stored and found:
Maximo 6.2.2 or later: <application root>/applications/maximo/properties/
Maximo 7.1.1, 7.5 and 7.6: Maximo system properties.

Property Identifier:

Property Defaults:
The default value for this property is true. If the property is not in (Maximo 6.2.2 - 6.2.8), the value is true and Maximo supports multi-tabbed browsers. There is no support for IE7 or newer browsers in releases prior to 6.2.2

NOTE: This is an enhancement in functionality in response to changes in external technology offerings.

Property Purpose:
The purpose of this property is to support multi-tabbed browser and to support email links (and possibly other forms of links) that link into Maximo addresses.

Property Functionality:
When a new tab is opened, it shares the same session information as other tabs in the same instance. Maximo uses session information to maintain the current state of the application including current location. In order to prevent multiple tabs from interfering with each other, the application state is maintained in separate session instances. When webclient.multibrowsersupport is set to true, each tab in the browser connected to Maximo creates a new "state" session so that the state of each tab can be maintained separately while the main session remains shared across tabs.

In addition to multi tab support, the webclient.multibrowsersupport property enables links into Maximo to maintain different states. This will prevent links from an email from overwriting the state of an existing browser window or tab.

webclient.multibrowsersupport property should always be set to true.

NOTE: There is a work around for email links if the multibrowsersupport property is set to false. IE advanced settings have a setting for Reuse windows for launching shortcuts. If this is unchecked, each link in an email will launch a new instance of IE and therefore create a new session which the user will need to login to.

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17 June 2018