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Upgrading DOORS Next Generation to 6.0.6 requires that repairUnreferencedVersions is run before running a reindex - updated 14th February 2019

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Customers may experience issues accessing artifacts when using Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG) in version 6.0.6, after running repotools -reindex all.

This issue can affect anyone running reports from the impacted DNG data.


For more information about this issue see: 
It is important to note that the technical document contains information updates and revised steps for running the repairUnreferencedVersions command.  The explicit need to run a repotools-rm -reindex after the repair command has been removed.

Due to defect fixes in DOORS Next Generation (DNG) 6.0.6, repotools -repairUnreferencedVersions must be run prior to a repotools -reindex.  This will ensure that when the reindex command is run, the index is populated correctly.

We are advising all DNG 6.0.6 customers to run the repotools -repairUnreferencedVersions.

Do not run the repotools -reindex command until you are able to run the repotools -repairUnreferencedVersions command.
No other workarounds.

Corrective action
Additional Information
Once the corrective action has been taken, you should continue to monitor that the CleanUpUnusedVersions task is running, on a regular basis.
This task can lead to performance issues if there are large amounts of data to process.  To avoid these problems we advise that you also apply the corrective action from here: 

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