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Upgrading ClearQuest Web to version 7.1.2.x when integrated with Rational Quality Manager

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How do you upgrade the IBM Rational ClearQuest Web server to 7.1.2 or later if there is an integration with Rational Quality Manager in place?


ClearQuest 7.1.2.x introduces new features for users of the integration with Rational Quality Manager. Rational Quality Manager and ClearQuest administrators need to perform steps to migrate to the newer release.


1. Upgrade to ClearQuest or later.

Important Note: There is a defect in ClearQuest that affects the integration when viewing ClearQuest records with an Affects Test Result link. This defect is fixed in version You should upgrade to version or later to avoid running into this defect.

2. Upgrade to Rational Quality Manager 3 or later.

Steps to perform from Rational Quality Manager

3. Important: If you have previously established your Rational Quality Manager integration with earlier editions of ClearQuest (for instance, 7.1.1.x), you must follow these additional steps:

    a. From the Rational Quality Manager Project Area Administration page, remove the link to the ClearQuest database.

    b. From the Rational Quality Manager Cross-Server Communication settings page, remove the friend entry to ClearQuest.

4. Now configure Rational ClearQuest as a "friend". You establish this relationship by setting up cross-server communication.
    a. In Rational Quality Manager, click Admin. Click Jazz Server Administration.

    b. Search for Public URI Root. Set the Current Value field to your public root URI. For example, https://<>:9443/jazz

    Note: Whatever value you set as the Public URI Root must be exactly the same as the URL that users type to access the Jazz server. It is highly recommended that you use a fully qualified domain name, rather than an IP address or a simple host name. Do not use localhost.

    c. Click Cross-Server Communication.

    d. For Title, type the name that you want to use to identify the Rational ClearQuest Web server.

    e. For Root Services URI, type the concatenation of the public URI and the Rational ClearQuest discovery context information. The discovery context information depends on the version of ClearQuest that you are using.

    For ClearQuest 7.1.2.x: http(s)://<cq-hostname>/cqweb/oslc/repo/<schema-repository>/discovery

    f. For OAuth Secret, enter a code of your choice to be associated with the new OAuth consumer key of the server.

    Note: In this step you do not enter the key itself; you enter a shorter phrase that will be associated with the actual key.

    g. Retype the OAuth Secret code phrase.

    h. Click Trusted to designate this as a Trusted consumer. Trusted consumers can share authorization with other trusted consumers and do not require user approval to access data.

    i. Click Request Access.

    You must now authorize the provisional OAuth consumer key.  At this point, the access request is not authorized on the target server.

    j. Make note of the provisional key value. If you have administrator privileges on the target server, you can log on to the target server and approve the request by yourself. Otherwise, you must ask a target server administrator to approve your request. You might need to provide the provisional key value to the target server administrator.

7. In Rational Quality Manager, set up a link between the Rational ClearQuest user database and the Rational Quality Manager project area.
    a. Click Admin. Click Jazz Project Administration.

    b. Click to open the project area that you want to configure.

    c. Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the Links section, click Add.

    d. On the Add Link page select the name of the Rational ClearQuest Target Server.

    e. Set the Link Type to Tests. Click Finish.

    f. Click Save to save the changes to the project area.

8. If you previously integrated with Rational ClearQuest versions 7.1.0 or 7.1.1 and want to integrate with version 7.1.2.x, you must run the repotools -migrateCmLinks command to migrate your existing links to work with Rational Quality Manager. The repotools -migrateCmLinks command accepts these arguments:

    Path to the file.

    Path to the log file.

    The new ClearQuest OSLC base URL. For example:

    [oldURL=default] (Optional)
    If specified, only migrate existing links that match this URL.

The repotools command is located in <JazzInstallDir>/server.

Steps to perform from Rational ClearQuest

9. Follow the steps in technote 1433074.

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