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Upgrading Case Manager to the latest product level

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IBM Business Automation Workflow(BAW) is the product that has replaced IBM Case Manager (ICM). BAW includes features, commonly referred to as Case features, to create, test, manage, deploy, and work with your business solutions created in previous Case Manager versions.

BAW is the minimum required version of BAW if you want to upgrade from Case Manager to BAW. Always use the latest BAW version when upgrading from Case Manager.

Product Lifecycle Strategy

IBM Business Automation Workflow Software Support Lifecycle Policy contains the lifecycle strategy for BAW and links to the upgrade pages for each version. When upgrading Case Manager, you should try to find the latest version of BAW and make that your upgrade target. The lifecycle page can be good to bookmark as it is regularly updated as new versions come out.

As stated on the Software Lifecycle page, Case Manager 5.3.3 will reach End of Support (EOS) on 2022-04-30.

Case Manager customers who have not installed Business Automation Workflow yet can keep their ICM installation up-to-date by upgrading to Case Manager 5.3.3. We will release fixes on top of Case Manager 5.3.3 that include bug fixes and other changes made in the BAW code base that are also relevant to Case Manager. 

Product Upgrade Instructions

You must install Business Automation Workflow and create a deployment environment before upgrading Case Manager to BAW.

BAW integrates with external CPE (Content Platform Engine) and ICN (IBM Content Navigator) servers. Existing Case Manager environments can be upgraded to BAW by integrating the CPE and ICN servers of the Case Manager environment into BAW as external CPE and ICN servers. BAW also has embedded versions of the CPE and ICN products. When upgrading Case Manager to BAW, the following guidelines apply:

  • The CPE server used by Case Manager has to be integrated as an external CPE server in BAW.
  • For the ICN  server used by Case Manager, our recommended and preferred configuration is to integrate that as an external ICN server in BAW.
  • The ICN server embedded in BAW is not supported in production environments. 
  • BAW and external ICN and CPE integration was tested with all components deployed in WebSphere Application Server (WAS) 8.5.5. You can configure BAW to work with an external CPE and external ICN that are running on WebSphere Application Server V9.x. However, the JDK versions of the application servers must match.

The Upgrading to IBM Business Automation Workflow documentation page has links to tech notes with additional instruction for various upgrade scenarios.

Follow the BAW Knowledge Center to upgrade Case Manager to BAW.

Licensing Concerns

Case Manager customers need to trade up to BAW licenses through the project office. You can contact your IBM account team for additional details.

When BAW integrates with an external CPE or external ICN server, then those products and their licenses are maintained separately. 

Support Processes

Opening Support Cases
  • After upgrading to BAW,  you can open support cases against the Business Automation Workflow product, and specify the Case Manager component.
Patch releases
  • After upgrading to BAW,  you can find fixes by searching on the Business Automation Workflow product in Fix Central.

Case Manager in Hybrid and Cloud Environments

Case Manager is available in hybrid and cloud-based offerings, such as Digital Business Automation for Multicloud (DBA MC), Business Automation Workflow on Cloud (BAW on Cloud), and IBM Content Foundation on Cloud (ICFoC). These offerings are currently intended for new case management projects. There are no upgrade or migration paths from ICM to either DBA MC, BAW on Cloud, or ICFoC.

Business Process Management Features

Once you have upgraded to BAW, you will have access to the business process management features. For more details, see the business process management overview and the business process management section of the knowledge center.

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12 March 2021