Upgrading Business Process Manager to the latest product level

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IBM Business Automation Workflow(BAW) is the product that has replaced IBM Business Process Manager(BPM). This is the upgrade target for current BPM customers. BAW started as combination of features from BPM and IBM Case Manager(ICM). The upgrade process is an in-place upgrade similar to any other upgrades you have performed for BPM 8.5 and 8.6 versions.

Product Lifecycle Strategy

IBM Business Automation Workflow Software Support Lifecycle Policy contains the lifecycle strategy for BAW and links to the upgrade pages for each version. When upgrading BPM, you should try to find the latest version of BAW and make that your upgrade target. The lifecycle page can be good to bookmark as it is regularly updated as new versions come out.
As stated on the Software Lifecycle page, BPM 8.5.x will reach End of Support(EOS) on 2019-09-30 and BPM 8.6.x will reach EOS on 2020-09-30.

Product Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading to IBM Business Automation Workflow in the IBM Knowledge Center also contains links to the upgrade instructions for each target BAW version. When you have found the set of upgrade instructions for the BAW version you want to upgrade to, you should go to the "Installing the cumulative fix" tab. This tab will walk you through the upgrade process and link to the other tabs at the appropriate points like the 8.6 or 8.5.x profile upgrade steps. You can also use the "Fix list" and "What's new" tabs to see what may have changed since the prior version. Although if you are upgrading through many versions, you will need review the info for each version in between to see all of the major changes and defect fixes.

If you are still using eclipse-based Process Designer, you should also be thinking about your plan for moving off of that which can be a large effort but is separate from the upgrade. For more details, see What approach and best practices should be considered when removing usage of the deprecated eclipse-based Process Designer?

What should I do if I want my upgrade to combine a BPM and a ICM system into the same BAW system?
  1. First, upgrade BPM to BAW following the instructions mention above. You should not enable the case features during this upgrade.
  2. Then, follow the upgrade steps for ICM. Use the upgraded BAW environment with these instructions

Licensing Concerns

BPM customer will automatically have their licenses upgraded to BAW at their next S&S renewal. Although, if you wish to convert them sooner BPM customers should do the trade up to BAW licenses through the project office. You can contact your IBM account team or a sales rep for additional details.
We hope that licensing concerns don't delay you in upgrading your system. Here are some points which may alleviate some concerns:
  • For BPM 8.6 customers, it is a no cost trade up and 1:1 for PVUs.
  • Even without switching to BAW licenses, BPM customers can apply the BAW CFs and still run Case, although they are bound by the CPE limitations specified in the BPM 8.6 license.
  • For auditing (ILMT) purposes, the BPM and BAW license files are treated the same.
Note: You will not have access to BAW base images in Passport Advantage until you have the BAW entitlement setup. Although these are not needed to upgrade a BPM system.

Support Processes

Opening Support Cases
Patch releases
  • After upgrading to BAW,  you can find fixes by searching on the IBM  Business Automation Workflow product in Fix Central.

Case Management

Once you have upgraded to BAW and enabled case management, you will have access to the case management features. For more details, see the Case management overview and the Case management section of the knowledge center.

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06 September 2019