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Upgrade ZVM640, Subset CP

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z/VM - CP Version 6, Release 4, Modification 0


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Upgrade ZVM640, Subset CP

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Upgrade ZVM640, Subset CP:

This subset contains installation information for z/VM - CP
Version 6, Release 4, Modification 0.

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Service Recommendation Summary


Installation Information

This section contains changes to the product's Program Directory. and additional information which should be review before installing the product. Please note the additional APARs required for older z/VM releases when they are members of a mixed environment SSI cluster. 8. 17/11/07 z/VM Product Deliverable refreshed for z14 The z/VM V6 R4.0 product deliverable was refreshed to support installation on the z14 processor. If you have already ordered z/VM V6 R4.0 but have not yet installed it IBM recommends that you reorder the product and use the new deliverable when installing a new system or upgrading from z/VM V6 R2.0 or z/VM V6 R3.0. 7. 16/11/22 Additional RACF requirements: The PTF for APAR VM65923 provides infrastructure support in z/VM V6.2, V6.3, and V6.4 for a future RACF enhancement in z/VM 6.4, and must be installed on all the members of an SSI cluster before any z/VM 6.4 member will be running with the future RACF enhancement. 6. 16/11/18 Traditional install: IPWIZARD Before attempting to use the IPWIZARD utility to configure basic TCP/IP settings for a newly-installed system, please see the Installation information in the TCPIP PSP bucket for 640 (Upgrade TCPIP640, Subset VM640 at URL: and follow the instructions it provides. 5. 16/11/11 Upgrade Installation: Upgrading local modifications During Stage 1 of the Upgrade Installation procedure any local modifications on your current system should be copied to the new release local modification disks. If your local modifications are described in local modification Version Vector Tables (VVTs) with a filetype starting with VVTLCL, they will be copied to the local modification disks (or SFS directories) for the new release by the automated procedure. However, local modifications that are described in VVTs with a different filetype are not copied automatically. You must copy those files to the new release disks at the end of Stage 1 and then rework them as necessary 4. 16/11/11 Upgrade Installation: Required service before upgrade Before starting an upgrade installation to z/VM V6 R4.0 ensure that the following service is installed on your z/VM V6 R2.0 or z/VM V6 R3.0 system(s). For z/VM V6 R2.0: o APAR VM65297 for DirMaint FL 620 (if DirMaint enabled) o APAR VM65718 for LE 6.2.0 For z/VM V6 R3.0: o APAR VM65718 for LE 6.2.0 3. 16/11/11 Upgrade Installation: Supported hardware considerations For z/VM V6R4.0, the z10 processor is not a supported environment. The hardware location of your LPAR should be taken into consideration when upgrading to z/VM V6R4.0. Non SSI: You cannot upgrade a system that is running on unsupported hardware. You must IPL the system you wish to upgrade on a supported processor before beginning the upgrade installation procedure. SSI: If any member of a multi-member SSI cluster is running on unsupported hardware, that member cannot be upgraded until it is IPLed on hardware that is supported for z/VM V6 R4.0. Additionally, in order to upgrade any members that are running on supported hardware, the relocation domain for the MIGMAINT user on the system you are upgrading must be limited to just the system or systems that are running on supported hardware. To modify the relocation domain for MIGMAINT, do the following: 1) Log on to MIGMAINT on the system you are going to upgrade (MIGMAINT should have Class A privileges) 2) Enter the following command: SET VMRELOCATE MIGMAINT DOMAIN <systemname> where <systemname> is the name of the system you are upgrading. 2. 16/11/11 620 APARS required for a mixed release environment. Before installing a 640 system in a 620 SSI cluster or upgrading a member of a multi-member 620 SSI cluster see the z/VM Program Directory, section 1. 16/11/07 z/VM PTF and hardware bundle information: 1) The z/VM V6.4 base components have the following additional program requirements: - The PTF for APAR VM65207 must be applied to z/VM V6.2 or z/VM V6.3 when z/VM V6.4 is a guest of either release and will host a MACHINE Z guest. - If you intend to exploit HyperPAV paging from z/VM V6.4 running as a guest of z/VM V6.3, you need to apply the PTF for APAR VM65748 to the z/VM V6.3 first level system. - The PTF for APAR VM65976 provides infrastructure support in z/VM V6.2, V6.3, and V6.4 for a future IBM z Systems server that satisfies the statement of direction for the removal of ESA/390 architecture support, and must be installed on all the members of an SSI cluster before any member will be running in the new server. - The PTF for APAR VM65867 is required on all z/VM V6.2 and V6.3 systems in an SSI cluster that includes a z/VM V6.4 system 2) Dynamic Partition Manager (DPM), provided with IBM z13 z13S, and LinuxONE servers, is extended to support Linux running on z/VM V6.4 with SCSI storage attached with FCP channels. z/VM 6.4 is supported in a DPM configuration with Driver 27 bundle S31. 3) z/VM 6.4 supports guest exploitation of the Transactional Execution (TX) facility on the IBM z13, z13S, zEC12, zBC12, and LinuxONE servers with the following bundles applied: - Driver D27 bundle S17 - Driver D22 bundle S45 - Driver D15 bundle 71

Documentation Changes

This section outlines major errors in the product's published documentation. 1. YY/MM/DD NO ENTRIES

General Information

This section contains general information, i.e. SYSGEN hints/tips. 1. 17/09/19 For EAV (extended address volume) support there are thre distinct PTFs to order: - UM35187 for CP - UM35204 for CMS - UI49579 for ICKDSF When ordering thes PTFs we recommend that you request requisites back to the 1301 service level. This will ensure you not encounter missing requisites for the application of the ICKDSF PTF.

Service Recommendations

1. 17/04/28 REFER TO 1701RSU

Cross Product Dependencies

This section contains information that is dependent upon another product other than this subset ID. It also contains information dealing with migration and product coexistance. 1. YY/MM/DD INTERDEPENDENT PRODUCT: PROBLEM: USERS AFFECTED: RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL XXXXXXX ON VOLID XXXX

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End of Upgrade ZVM640 , Subset CP , as of 2017/11/08.

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