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Upgrade planning - Future software releases

The following products and functions were supported on prior IBM i releases but will not be in the future.  Plans should be made to replace or discontinue use of these products and functions.

Software Suggested replacement(s)
Samba RPM package for PASE open source environment IBM will no longer deliver a Samba RPM package with the IBM i operating system (5770-SS1).  Customers who require a Server Message Block (SMB) client or server can use the native IBM i NetClient file system (QNTC) or IBM i NetServer.
5722-WE2 Web Enablement for i 5733-WE3 Web Enablement for i
5733-D10 IBM Domino 10 for i This product has been divested to HCL.  Clients should order the replacement HCL Domino product.
5733-XT2 IBM XML Toolkit for i, Options 1-5 5733-XT2 is not supported on IBM i 7.5.  Existing ILE code will continue to work, but should be updated to a new supported version of XML parsing.
5770-JV1 IBM Developer Kit for Java, Options 14 & 15 Upgrade to a newer Java level using one of the following options of IBM Developer Kit for Java
5770-MG1 IBM Managed System Services for i This product is not available on IBM i 7.5.
5770-SM1 IBM System Manager for i
This product is not supported on IBM i 7.5, however, a subset of the commands has been moved to the operating system.  Refer to the IBM i 7.5 Memo to Users for the complete list.
IBM Navigator for i: heritage version only The Heritage version of IBM Navigator for i from all releases of IBM i through IBM i 7.4.  Refer to heritage Navigator in this Security Bulletin.  Customers can use the new IBM Navigator for i.
IBM Navigator for i Due to changes in how browsers handle self-signed certificates, IBM Navigator for i is not shipped with TLS enabled by default.  Users can configure TLS using the instructions found at this link: IBM Navigator for i - TLS Encryption.
5770-XH2 IBM Access for Web IBM i Access for Web is not supported on IBM i 7.5.

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28 April 2022