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Upgrade or remove 3rd party VMWare tools provided in QRadar software installation

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Can you upgrade third party VMWare tools from QRadar software installs?


The VMWare tools used by QRadar in virtual appliances are not 3rd Party VMWare tools, but operating system-specific packages (OSPs). Those are provided by VMWare and they are a packaging and distribution mechanism that uses native package formats and standards, such as rpm and deb, of the supported guest operating system.

In some cases it could be shown as third party, or independent, due to not being added via install or VMware Tools upgrade process, but were included with the guest operating system.

It is not recommended to replace those VMWare tools with a different package due to the fact that VMWare tools provided are updated periodically. Having a different VMWare tools offering installed, can cause issues with future upgrades because of rpm compatibility issues.

Upgrades to VMWare tools are provided via Patches or version updates in QRadar versions. Installation of non-QRadar VMware tool packages is not supported .

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16 June 2018