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Upgrade ODMP841, Subset H27284A

Preventive Service Planning


IBM CM ONDEMAND FOR Z/OS, Version 8, Release 4, Modification 1


  Preventive Service Planning

Upgrade ODMP841, Subset H27284A

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Upgrade ODMP841, Subset H27284A:

This subset contains installation information for IBM CM ONDEMAND FOR
Z/OS, Version 8, Release 4, Modification 1.

Change Summary


Service Recommendation Summary

DATE APAR PTF VOLID COMMENTS 10 15/02/09 PI34254 UI24984 1000 HIPER UNDER CERTAIN 9 14/05/29 PI17281 UI18280 1405 HIPER Resolve potential data 8 12/04/16 PM58481 UK77811 1204 HIPER OS/390 INDEXER CAN 7 11/09/12 PM45032 UK71635 1109 HIPER ARSEXOAM DOES NOT DELETE 6 10/12/02 PM24351 UK62063 1011 HIPER ARS0114E ARSSERVR UNABLE 5 10/07/21 PM07633 UK55885 1004 HIPER ARSDB -VI IMPORT COMMAND 4 10/02/15 PM05593 UK54281 1002 HIPER ARSZIMIG REPORT DELETES 3 09/08/10 PK92491 UK49084 0908 HIPER WHEN A SINGLE PAGE OF A 2 09/07/27 PK89959 UK48592 0907 HIPER OS/390 INDEXER MAY INSERT 1 09/07/22 PK90269 UK48531 0907 HIPER ARSLOAD USING UNIFIED

Installation Information

This section contains changes to the product's Program Directory. 1. YY/MM/DD NO ENTRIES

Documentation Changes

This section outlines major errors in the product's published documentation. 1. YY/MM/DD NO ENTRIES

General Information

This section contains general information, i.e. SYSGEN hints/tips. 2. 10/06/07 To view Requirements for IBM Content Manager for z/OS Version 8.4.1 1. 09/02/27 Additional installation instructions are available in the OnDemand for z/OS V8.4.1 Readme File at

Service Recommendations

10 15/02/09 PROBLEM: (PI34254) UNDER CERTAIN CIRCUMSTANCES, THE OS/390 INDEXER MAY NOT STORE THE LAST FEW RECORDS OF A LOAD FILE. USERS AFFECTED: All users of the OS/390 Indexer V8.4.0 and V8.4.1 RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UI24984 ON VOLID 1000 (H27284A) 9 14/05/29 PROBLEM: (PI17281) Resolve potential data loss issue with OS/390 Indexer Line Print documents from loads with large documents USERS AFFECTED: All users of the OS/390 Indexer on releases V8.4.0 or V8.4.1 RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UI18280 ON VOLID 1405 (H27284A) 8 12/04/16 PROBLEM: (PM58481) OS/390 INDEXER CAN GENERATE INCORRECT INDEX VALUES FOR TRANSACTION (RANGE) INDEXES IN PAGE AND PDOC REPORTS FOR USERS AFFECTED: All users of the OS/390 Indexer for PAGE and PDOC index styles in version 8.4.0 and above. All users of the OS/390 Indexer for DOC reports in version 8.4.0. RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK77811 ON VOLID 1204 (H27284A) 7 11/09/12 PROBLEM: (PM45032) ARSEXOAM DOES NOT DELETE DOCUMENTS DUE TO ERRORS RECEIVED BUT DELETES THE ARSOAM_DELETE RECORDS USERS AFFECTED: All Content Manager OnDemand customers using ARSEXOAM at 8.4.1 and above. RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK71635 ON VOLID 1109 (H27284A) 6 10/12/02 PROBLEM: (PM24351) ARS0114E ARSSERVR UNABLE TO OPEN FILE. THE ERROR NUMBER IS 111 USERS AFFECTED: All Content Manager OnDemand Users. RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK62063 ON VOLID 1011 (H27284A) 5 10/07/21 PROBLEM: (PM07633) ARSDB -VI IMPORT COMMAND PERFORMANCE DEGRADATION DUE TO FREQUENCY OF COMMITS USERS AFFECTED: All Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS users using arsdb -i RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK55885 ON VOLID 1004 (H27284A) 4 10/02/15 PROBLEM: (PM05593) ARSZIMIG REPORT DELETES ARSOD ROWS FOR ALREADY MIGRATED DATA USERS AFFECTED: All users migrating indexes from OnDemand V2.1 to OnDemand V7.1, V8.4 or V8.4.1 RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK54281 ON VOLID 1002 (H27284A) 3 09/08/10 PROBLEM: (PK92491) WHEN A SINGLE PAGE OF A DOCUMENT IS OVER 1MB IN SIZE, THE DOCUMENT MAY NOT BE STORED CORRECTLY. USERS AFFECTED: All users of the OS/390 Indexer capturing Line Print reports RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK49084 ON VOLID 0908 (H27284A) 2 09/07/27 PROBLEM: (PK89959) OS/390 INDEXER MAY INSERT AN EXTRA LINE WHEN HANDLING CONSECUTIVE X'8B' CARRIAGE CONTROL REPORT LINES. USERS AFFECTED: All users of the OS/390 Indexer capturing Line Print reports RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK48592 ON VOLID 0907 (H27284A) 1 09/07/22 PROBLEM: (PK90269) ARSLOAD USING UNIFIED LOGIN RECEIVES "USERID OR PASSWORD IS INVALID" USERS AFFECTED: All Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS 8.4.1 users of unified login and arsusec RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK48531 ON VOLID 0907 (H27284A)

Cross Product Dependencies

This section contains information that is dependent upon another product other than this subset ID. It also contains information dealing with migration and product coexistance. 2. 10/01/20 INTERDEPENDENT PRODUCT: Communications Server for z/OS PROBLEM: FREEADDRINFO() issued from CICS C applications using EZACIC17 not managing ADDR_INFO storage correctly USERS AFFECTED: All Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS 8.4.1 with an application running in CICS that is using the C API EZACIC17 RECOMMENDATION: Install PK98008 1. 09/02/27 INTERDEPENDENT PRODUCT: CM OnDemand FOR OS/390 V2.1 PROBLEM: DB2 Correlation name added to sever queries by OnDemand V8.4.1 results in no entries in the V2.1 HitList USERS AFFECTED: Customers accessing V2.1 using compatibility mode RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL UK44285 ON VOLID 0902

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End of Upgrade ODMP841 , Subset H27284A , as of 2019/11/01.

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