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Uninstall IBM Rational Programming Patterns (RPP) before updating IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz) to 14.1.6 or later versions

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If you have IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz) 14.1.4 or a lower version installed with IBM Rational Programming Patterns (RPP), in order to update IDz to 14.1.6 or later releases, you must uninstall RPP first, then update IDz with the correct feature (Code Review for IBM Rational Programming Patterns) selected, and then re-install RPP.


Complete the following steps:

  1. In Installation Manager, click Uninstall to go to the Uninstall Packages page. Select Rational Programming Patterns v.r.m, and then continue to uninstall.
  2. In Installation Manager, click Update to go to the Update Packages page and select IDz 14.1.6. On the feature selection page, deselect the "Code Review" feature; select the "Code Review for IBM Rational Programming Patterns" feature, and continue with the rest of the update.
  3. After you update IDz to 14.1.6, install RPP.

[{"Business Unit":{"code":"BU054","label":"Systems w\/TPS"},"Product":{"code":"SSJK49","label":"IBM Developer for z Systems"},"Component":"","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"14.1.5;14.1.6;14.1.7;14.1.9","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB35","label":"Mainframe SW"}}]

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Modified date:
05 December 2019