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Understanding OSLC - new information center content

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Understanding OSLC - new information center content


To help you understand OSLC better, the release of Maximo Asset Management features significant changes to the OSLC documentation in the information center. The existing content that describes OSLC consumers has been enhanced, while a whole new section on OSLC providers has been added. The enhanced OSLC consumer section includes an example of designing an OSLC query interaction. Meanwhile, the OSLC provider content includes information on configuring Maximo Asset Management data as an OSLC resource to support creating, querying, and updating OSLC resources. New topics help you to understand some of the fundamental concepts in OSLC, such as service providers and shape documents, and numerous code samples serve to fully explain the OSLC capabilities that are available. This new content is available here in the 'Integrating data by using OSLC' section of the information center.

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