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Understanding The "EVERYONE" Group In Maximo 7.

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Can I use the Everyone/Group for All Users in Security Groups/Users applications?


In version 7 of Maximo, a new concept was added ‘Group for All Users’ that allows for global configurations to be made in the system. The name of this group is set in the ‘Security Controls’ option in the Users or Security Groups application. By default the group name is ‘EVERYONE’ but you can change it if you use the group name ‘EVERYONE’ for something else. It is different that the ‘Default Group for New Users’(default value of ‘DEFLTREG’) in that ‘EVERYONE’ is designed to set global configuration and DEFLTREG is a tool to be used to grant basic permission's to new users when they are registered. Whenever a new user is added, it will be automatically added to the both groups described above. The same group name can not be used for both. It is OK to remove users from the ‘Default Group for New Users’/DEFLTREG group but it is not OK to remove users from the ‘Group for All Users’/EVERYONE group.

Many applications in the system use the ‘Group for All Users’/EVERYONE group for contextual settings, such as showing certain fields for only certain types of assets or making only certain menu items available on certain types of records. For this reason, the group specified must never be deleted and all users must be members of the group for the system to function as intended.

Here is a partial list of the applications with functionality that depends on user membership in the ‘Group for All Users’/EVERYONE group to function properly:

CI/Actual CIs
Create SR
Purchase Orders
Purchase Requisitions
Quick Reporting
Service Requests
Work Order Tracking

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17 June 2018