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Unable to publish data to FAP TM1 cube when connecting to a non-default SQL server instance (for example "MYSQLSVR1\instance1")



Customer is trying to publish Controller data to TM1 (via FAP). However, no objects are created in the TM1 cube.


There may be several different symptoms, depending on the environment:

  • a file FAPFatalError.log may appear (in the folder: <cognos installation>\c8\server\FAP)
  • other symptoms (for example those described in separate IBM Technote #1623075).


The Controller application server's FAP service has not been configured correctly.

  • Specifically, the "" file (default location c:\program files\cognos\c8\server\FAP) configured with an invalid 'host=' database servername parameter.

For example, the administrator may have used an incorrect different syntax, for example:

More Information:
When connecting to a non-default SQL server instance the file expects the database server properties to be given in either of the following syntax methods:

Method #1 - Use the instance name with double backslash (\\)
  • This is suitable (and recommended/preferred) for Controller 10.1 and later versions
  • For example:

Method #2 - Use the TCP port number with a colon (:)
  • This is suitable for Controller 8.5 and later versions (including 10.1)
  • For example:

Good example (Method #1):


Customer is connecting to a non-default SQL instance (for example "SQLSERVER\instance" instead of the default "SQLSERVER").

Resolving The Problem

Reconfigure the "" file (on the Controller application server) to have a valid 'host=' database servername parameter.


  • Method #1 - Recommended - Suitable for Controller 10.1 onwards
  1. Logon to the Controller application server as an administrator
  2. Launch Windows Explorer, and browse to the folder: <install_location>\c10\server\FAP
  3. Open the file "" file inside NOTEPAD.EXE
  4. Search for the line that begins "host=mysqlsvr1\instance1"
  5. Modify it to use the instance, but with double backslash \\ in the name (for example: host=mysqlsvr1\\instance )
  6. Save changes
  7. Restart FAP Service ("IBM Cognos FAP Service")
  8. Test.
  • Method #2 - Suitable for Controller 8.5 (and later)

Part One - locating the TCP port number for the relevant SQL instance
TIP: The following instructions are based on SQL 2005. There may be slight differences for other versions of SQL.
  1. Logon to the SQL server as an administratior
  2. From the Start Menu, launch "SQL Server Configuration Manager"
  3. Expand 'SQL Server 2005 Network Configuration'
  4. Select/highlight the relevant SQL instance (for example "Protocols for Instance1")
  5. Double-click on "TCP/IP"
  6. Click on tab 'IP Addresses'
  7. Look at the information inside the section "IPAll". The settings will vary between customer/SQL server. As an example, next to "TCP Dynamic Ports" it may say 1434 (or whatever). This is the TCP port that the instance uses (see next section).

Part Two - Modifying the file's 'host=' entry to be in the format sqlservername:TCPport.
  1. Logon to the Controller application server as an administrator
  2. Open the file "" file (default location c:\program files\cognos\c8\server\FAP) inside NOTEPAD.EXE
  3. Search for the line that begins "host=mysqlsvr1\instance1"
  4. Modify it to use the TCP port (for example: host=mysqlsvr1:1434 )
  5. Save changes
  6. Restart FAP Service ("IBM Cognos FAP Service")
  7. Test.

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