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Unable to open Process Designer to edit a Case Manager Solution after installing IBM Content Navigator



When a user tries to open and edit an IBM Case Manager V5.3.3 solution with Process Designer, the solution does not open and the following error is logged in the application server logs:

SystemOut O CIWEB.CPEAppletsPlugin Error: [p8admin(unknown) @]
The solution cannot be retrieved, possibly because it is not a version 18.0 solution.
If this solution is not at the version 18.0 level, it must be upgraded before you can open it in Process Designer.
Upgrade the solution to the version 18.0 level by using Case Builder and then try again to open the solution in Process Designer.

This issue occurs with the following versions of IBM Content Navigator:

  • v3.0.3-IF004
  • v3.0.4
  • v3.0.4-IF001
  • v3.0.4-IF004 or later
  • v3.0.5 and later versions (for example V3.0.6, V3.0.7, etc)


IBM Content Navigator is used by both IBM Case Manager and IBM Business Automation Workflow.  The solution versions for Case Manager and Business Automation Workflow differ, and the associated libraries to open each version of the solution is different.  Content Navigator only ships with one version of the library.  For older releases of Content Navigator, it ships with solution edit libraries that work with Case Manager.  In newer releases, Content Navigator ships with solution edit libraries that work with Business Automation Workflow, as Business Automation Workflow is the forward sustaining release for Case features and functionality.

Resolving The Problem

The problem can be resolved by replacing the ICMSolutionEdit.jar shipped or installed with IBM Content Navigator with the one that is shipped with IBM Case Manager.

Copy the ICMSolutionEdit.jar from the Case Manager installation directory:


To the following Navigator install directory:


After the file is copied, launch "IBM Content Navigator Configuration and Deployment Tool" and run the following tasks:

- Build the Web Application

- Deploy the Web Application

For IBM Content Navigator v3.0.3, the plan is to correct the issue with Content Navigator 3.0.3-IF005 or later.

For IBM Content Navigator v3.0.4, the plan is to correct the issue with Content Navigator 3.0.4-IF007 or later.

For IBM Content Navigator v3.0.5 and later versions ((for example V3.0.6, V3.0.7, etc), there are no plans to correct the issue.  The recommendation is to use the workaround provided or to upgrade to Business Automation Workflow.

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06 March 2020