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Unable to open Cognos Configuration - java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: cogconfig_jni (Not found in java,library.path)



Trying to open Cognos Configuration on a Windows Server
Error Message:
a fatal error occurred. Unable to run the application an exception occurred java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: cogconfig_jni (Not found in java,library.path) you should re-install the software 


Caused by a JAVA_HOME or Java Path environment variable  that is conflicting with the Cognos Analytics built-in JRE



Cognos Analytics 11.x on Windows Server

Diagnosing The Problem

Check in Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System settings -> Environment variables.  See if there is any JAVA_HOME or Java Path

Resolving The Problem

See if you can remove JAVA_HOME or Java Path  without impacting other apps on the machine.

Another option would be to launch Cognos Configuration from the command prompt and this would avoid the Environment Variables


in command prompt type: cC:\[Cognos Directory Location]\analytics\bin64

then: cogconfig.bat -env:local

or cogconfig.bat -java:local

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08 October 2019