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Unable to open CAC: Unexpected: missing HRESULT parameter



Unable to open up the Contributor Administration Console and Analyst in a new EP/BI distributed environment.


When opening the CAC the following error occurs:

"An error has occurred while starting IBM Cognos Planning Administrator.
Main form failed to initialize.
Error Details:
Unable to determine if the Planning Tables exist in Content Manager. Please ensure the Planning Service is running."

Unexpected: missing HRESULT parameter"

When opening Analyst the following error occurs:

"Analyst failed to communicate with the Content Manager database. This can happen if the Cognos 10 Planning service is not running. Please check that the service is running."

Error was:

Failed HRESULT [0x80020009] Exception occurred."


The planning dispatcher was not part of a server group role which is a BI Configuration and since it's a distributed environment it was impacting Planning as the Gateway URI was not able to locate the Planning Server as it was not part of the server groups.


Distributed environment: BI 10.2 and EP 10.1.1 FP2;
- 2 BI Servers
- 1 Gateway Server with BI/EP Gateway components
- 1 Planning Application Server

Diagnosing The Problem

- Confirm that the IBM Cognos 10 Service and Planning Service starts successfully from Planning Server
- Test the Content and Planning Store successfully in IBM Cognos Configuration
- As BI was working correctly and it was EP that was the issue we initially thought there was an issue with the Planning Store as the CAC was returning an error when opening for the first time instead of generating Planning Tables. After testing with different databases we confirmed it was not a database issue
- Run dispatcher output to get a list of dispatchers across the distributed environment and which server groups they belong to. The Planning Server was not part of any specified server group so remained in the default server group which is why when the CAC or Analyst opened, the gateway was not able to communicate with the Planning Server as it was not accessible to these server groups

Resolving The Problem

For this specific environment the issue was resolved by adding the Planning dispatcher to the same server group role as the first dispatcher of the Gateway URI dispatcher list.

[{"Product":{"code":"SSPN2D","label":"Cognos Planning"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU002","label":"Business Analytics"},"Component":"Contributor","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"10.1.1","Edition":""}]

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15 June 2018