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'Unable to locate program' when launching an Excel attachment in Notes

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You receive a message that contains a Microsoft Excel attachment. When you attempt to launch the attachment, the following error appears:

    "Unable to locate program."

Also, the attachment icons for Excel files displayed as the default Windows icon instead of the normal Excel icon. Other Microsoft Office attachments displayed the correct icons.

You are able to launch the attachment successfully if you access your mailfile from another workstation.


In one case, this issue resulted from a corrupt Excel (.XLS) file association on the machine.

To resolve the issue, you can create a new XLS file association, as follows:

1. Go to Windows Explorer.

2. Click on Tools>>>Folder Options>>>File Types
3. Find ".XLS" in the extension list on the left.
4. Click the Delete button
5. Click the New button and enter XLS in the File Extension box.
6. Click the Advanced button and set the "Associated File Type" to Microsoft Excel Worksheet.

In another case, the issue was resolved by disabling the "Ignore other applications" option in Excel (Tools -> Options -> General tab). If Excel is already open, the file attachment will display and open.

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Contributor: Justin Cornell and Michelle Comerford-Mora, per updates.

8.x update: Support reproduced this in 8.5.2, customer report was received for 851FP5.

'Unable to locate program' error occurs when launching Excel attachments from a particular Notes workstation.

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23 August 2018