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Unable to install 64 bit ODBC driver on Windows 7



Installing of 64 bit ODBC driver on Windows 7 failed without error.


After downloading Data Server Driver Package 10.5 from the following website:

Run the v10.5fp3_ntx64_dsdriver_EN.exe file to install ODBC driver. It displays a progress bar in a windows that says "Extracting", and then closes without installing ODBC driver and no error messages are reported.


It appears that this is a known issue for DB2 ODBC driver installer.


It only happens on Windows 64 bit

Resolving The Problem

The workaround for this installation issue is to perform a 'silent' install of the Data Server Driver, instead of using a GUI installer.

To perform a silent install open a command prompt in Windows. Then manually "CD" to the directory where you can find v10.5fp5_ntx64_dsdriver_EN.exe for the DB2 DS Driver installation, and then run the command:

v10.5fp3_ntx64_dsdriver_EN.exe -m -u d:\temp\dsdriver.rsp -l d:\temp\dsdriver.log

... where d:\temp is the directory that contains the file dsdriver.rsp.

The dsdriver.rsp file is a response file, and it contains keywords for our installer to know what to install and how. If you don't have it, you have to manually create one first before you use it.

This is an example of dsdriver.rsp looks like:


If still fails, please open a PMR with IBM Technical Support and attach dsdriver.log so that we can investigate this further.

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16 June 2018