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Unable to Deactivate a Person

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Is it possible to deactivate a person record?


When trying to deactivate a person record of someone who was listed as supervisor on a job plan this error is thrown:

The person trying to de deactivated first has to be removed from the Job Plan before we can deactivate their record.

Here are the steps to follow:

First the Job Plan must be revised since the fields are read only.

1. Bring the Job Plan to screen and from select action chose revise job plan. Provide a reason and press OK.

2. Remove the name from the supervisor field, save and change the status of the record to active. If you are planning on deactivating the job plan you can do so now or leave it as is.

Move the People application and bring up the record needed and you will now be able to deactivate the record as needed. This was done to prevent a deactivated job plan from being activated that referenced a supervisor record that was not active.

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17 June 2018