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Unable to construct cleartext for object on check-out using Hummingbird Maestro NFS Client



This technote explains why attempts to checkout a file from a UNIX or Linux VOB server from a Microsoft Windows client using Hummingbird® Maestro® NFS Client software results in the error, Unable to construct cleartext for object.


As stated in IBM Rational ClearCase Administrator's Guide:

"To avoid VOB and view access permission problems, you must configure the NFS client to log on using user and group names on Linux and the UNIX system that match your Windows user and primary group names."


Each login username must be registered to a UNIX or Linux account using the Maestro NFS command nfs register.

This also includes the registration of the ClearCase server process ALBD account (clearcase_albd, by default).

Note: This account should be registered to VOB owner or an account whose primary group is the VOBs primary group list.

Resolving The Problem

  1. Log onto the Windows system using the ALBD account (The Rational ClearCase Server Process User)

  2. Open a command prompt (Start > Run type cmd)

  3. Run the nfs register command to map the ALBD account to an account on UNIX or Linux that has the proper permissions to access the VOB storage. The username is the name of the UNIX or Linux account you want to register the ALBD account as (for example vobadm).


    nfs register username

    Note: This command will prompt you for the password of the UNIX or Linux account.

    Before logging off as clearcase_albd, verify that the UNIX or Linux VOB storage area can be accessed through Windows Explorer without being prompted for a password.

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29 September 2018