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TS7700 LWORM Retention Function User's Guide V1.01

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This paper describes IBM TS7700 Logical Write-Once, Read-Many (LWORM) Retention function concepts. TS7700 LWORM was first introduced in microcode release 8.6.x.x and provides the capability of the software-emulated WORM (Write-Once, Read-Many) available on physical tape media.

TS7700 LWORM Retention function was introduced in microcode release 8.51.1.x and provides the capability to include TS7700 enforced retention as part of the LWORM function. The retention duration is based off of the expiration dates encoded in the HDR1 data set labels of the logical volume, fixed durations or a combination of both. This paper can be used as a guide to understand and configure an environment to apply the LWORM Retention function to your TS7700s.


V1.01 has fixed the typo in Appendix A checklist.
User's Guide - TS7700 Grid To Grid Migration V1.6.pdf

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15 April 2021