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Troubleshooting VPN Connection Issues



If the VPN connection between IBM Cognos Analytics on Cloud servers and an On Premise authentication provider is broken, users will be unable to login to the application.


Users see the following error when trying to log into Cognos Analytics:

"The provided credentials are invalid. Please type your crdentials for authentication"

Re-entering the credentials and clicking the Sign in button, returns the same error and users are unable to log in.


VPN Tunnels may be inturrpted from time to time for various reasons.

Diagnosing The Problem

IBM monitors VPN connections on an ongoing bases and attempts to re-establish the connections in the event of a disconnect.

If the above behaviour is observed, customers may wish to engage their network team to check if the VPN tunnel is down and, if so, do a manual tunnel reset to see if that brings the connection back. Often a reset from either side will trigger a tunnel re-negotiation and resolve the issue, however this is not always the case. There may be other factors that prevent the connection being re-established.

Resolving The Problem

Engage your internal network team to check if the VPN tunnel is active.
If it is not, manually reset the connection.
If your network teams sees the tunnel is up, but there is not traffic traversing the tunnel and the reset does not resolve the issue, open a Severity 1 ticket with IBM Support indicating the symptoms and steps taken and noting this Technote .

IBM Support teams - please see DCF for process details..

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Modified date:
15 June 2018