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Troubleshooting: Node agent monitoring WebSphere Application Servers



Troubleshooting for problems with the node agent monitoring an IBM® WebSphere® Application Server. This should help address common issues with this component before calling IBM Support and save you time.

Resolving The Problem

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1. Are you having problems with Application Servers being unexpectedly restarted by the node agent? This means that you are not sure why the node agent lost contact with the Application Server and restarted it.

2. Are you experiencing problems with Application Servers not starting properly when the node agent is started? This means when the node agent is started, the AppServers on that node are not following the NodeRestartState setting.
Troubleshooting Application Server unexpected restart problems

These are the Troubleshooting questions for problems where your Application Server is unexpectedly restarted.
  1. Does the node agent SystemOut.log file contain any messages around the time of the Application Server restart, with message IDs ADML0063W and ADML0064I?
    • Yes, if you see these messages then most likely the node agent lost contact with the Application Server process and restarted it. Continue with #2.

  2. Check the Application Server SystemOut.log and SystemErr.log for any messages indicating why the node agent may not have been able to contact the Application Server. An OutOfMemory or Hang condition or a network outage might explain this behavior.

  3. If none of the preceding troubleshooting steps helped resolve your problem, see the MustGather for node agent monitoring Application Server problems.

Troubleshooting NodeRestartState problems

These are the Troubleshooting questions for problems where your Application server was not started when the node agent was started.
  1. When the node agent starts up, does the Application Server fail to start?
    • Yes, check the NodeRestartState setting under Servers > Application Servers > server_name. Then, under Server Infrastructure, click Java™ and Process Management > Monitoring Policy.
      1. If this is set to STOPPED then this behavior is expected. Please change to either PREVIOUS or RUNNING..
      2. If this is set to PREVIOUS then the Application Server should return to the same state when the node agent was last stopped. If the Application Server was previously running and does not start, please see question 2
      3. If this is set to RUNNING, then please see question 2
    • No, continue to question 2.
2. See the MustGather for node agent monitoring application server problems.

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