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** Troubleshooting ** "Index was outside the bounds of the array" when launching Controller client



User launches Controller client. User receives logon prompt. User logs on (for example as 'ADM'). User then receives error message.


An error occurred while trying to access the server.
[Details] [OK]

Error Details
Index was outside the bounds of the array


There are several possible causes for the "Index was outside the bounds of the array" error:
  • Scenario #1 - Client device has incorrect version of Controller client installed (compared to the version that is installed on the application server).
    • For example, in one real life example the client device had Controller 10.1.1 FP1 IF1 installed and the server was running 10.1.1 FP1 IF3.
  • Scenario #2 - Database connection (inside "Controller Configuration") erroneously referring to SQL server instance via a 'comma' (,) and the TCP port (for example SQLSERVER,1434)
  • Scenario #3 - Limitation of some environments (for example Controller on Cloud), which can cause a slight variation on the above error.

Resolving The Problem

Scenario #1

Uninstall the current (incorrect) version of the Controller client from the device. Afterwards, install the correct version (same version as the Controller server).

Scenario #2

Modify the database connection setting "Data Source" to use the correct/valid syntax "...\<instancename>".

  • For more details, see separate IBM Technote #1626197.

Scenario #3

Logoff from Windows (on the affected client device) and re-logon to Windows, and re-try.

  • For more details, see separate IBM Technote #0876974.

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21 March 2019