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** Troubleshooting ** "DPR-ERR-2107 The User Capabilities Cache cookie cannot be decoded" when running Controller Standard Reports



User runs a 'standard report' (also known as a 'system report'). An error appears.


DPR-ERR-2107 The User Capabilities Cache cookie cannot be decoded


There are several possible causes for this issue:
  • Scenario #1 - (rare) Two instances of BI engine (mistakenly) configured to be running on BI/Controller application server
  • Scenario #2 - (rare) Cookie 'Domain' and 'Path' settings need to be configured inside 'Cognos Configuration'
    • In most environments, these can be left as the default settings (blank)
    • In some (rare) environments, these need to be configured.
  • Scenario #3 - (rare) Incorrect 'Allow session information to be shared between client applications' setting
  • Scenario #4 - (most LIKELY) Limitation in the Cognos Analytics (or Cognos BI for older versions) reporting/authentication components that are shipped with Controller.
    • This is probably the most likely scenario
    • This limitation is triggered when the user's Controller session has exceeded the BI timeout setting "Inactivity timeout in seconds".
    • In addition, the IIS timeout has to also be configured to be a value that is at least as large.

Resolving The Problem

Scenario #1
In most cases, the solution is to ensure that the Controller application server only has one instance of the Cognos BI engine installed. In rare circumstances (for example a test/demo machine) the application server may need to have more than one BI engine instances installed. In this case, ensure that all the settings (for example ports etc.) are separate/different (so that they do not interfere with each other.
  • For full details, see separate Technote #1643461.

Scenario #2
Launch 'Cognos Configuration' and configure the Cookie 'Domain' and 'Path' settings as appropriate.
  • See Technote #1636504, plus link below.

Scenario #3
In some environments, the solution is to launch 'Cognos Configuration' and configure 'Allow session information to be shared between client applications' to be 'False'.
  • See Technote #1659295.

Scenario #4
1. Modify the Cognos Analytics (or Cognos BI) settings, to increase the value of "Inactivity timeout in seconds".
  • TIP: Typically increase from the default (3600 seconds = 60 minutes) to a value larger than the amount of time that the user will spend in their Controller session (for example 36000 = 10 hours).
2. Afterwards ensure that the IIS-timeout value is configured to be at least as large as that BI-timeout value.
For more details on the above, see Technote #1643735.

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17 May 2019