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** Troubleshooting ** 'Could not login to TM1 ... SystemServerClientNotFound' error when publishing Controller data to TM1 via FAP



User launches FAP client ("IBM Cognos FAP") from the start menu. User logs on. User clicks tab 'data marts' and highlights the relevant data mart. User clicks "Start" (to start the initial publish).
After a few seconds, the 'status' changes to 'Error'. User clicks the 'logs' tab. Inside there, there are more errors.
  • If the user hovers their mouse over the error, a new message is seen.


The symptom can vary slightly depending on environment/Controller-version/scenario.
  • However, in general they look similar to these screenshots.
Example #1 - Controller 10.3.1:
  • Data mart tab:
  • Logs tab:
Could not login to TM1, host: server name:
  • 'Error.log' file (by default, located here: C:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\server\FAP)
13:56:37,541 | INFO [fap.service.schedule.Scheduler] [schedulerThread], FAP service started on host:<servername>
13:57:08,589 | ERROR [fap.service.schedule.Scheduler] [schedulerThread], Could not logon to TM1 SystemServerClientNotFound
at Method)

Example #2 - Controller 8.5.1:
  • Object: FAP Service
    Severity: CRITICAL
    Description: Could not login to TM1, host: SERVERNAME, server name: TM1 SERVER NAME, user name: admin

If hover the mouse over the error, a new message appears:


There are many possible causes for the generic error 'Could not log in to TM1'.
  • Tip: For more examples, see separate IBM technote #1664572.

This IBM technote specifically relates to the situation where the logs also have the following error mentioned: SystemServerClientNotFound
In this situation, in general terms the cause is misconfigured FAP Data mart settings.
  • Typically this means that the settings in 'TM1 Connection' are wrong:
Example Scenarios:
  • Scenario #1 - 'Client' setting does not include the CAM namespace name (before the username). For example:
    • BAD =     Administrator
    • GOOD =      NamespaceID\Administrator
  • Scenario #2 - Incorrect CAM namespace name used.
    • For example, instead of adding the Cognos (CAM) namespace ID (before the username) they have instead used the name of the Microsoft Active Directory (AD) domain
      • BAD =     MYDOMAIN\Administrator
      • GOOD =      NamespaceID\Administrator
    • For many/most customers, this is incorrect since (often) the name of the namespace is different from the name of the Windows domain.
  • Scenario #3 - Changes have been made recently, which require the FAP-related services to be restarted as follows:
    • In the correct order
    • And (crucially) leaving a slight gap between them (to ensure that they are running successfully when called upon for the first time).
  • Scenario #4 - Incorrect password setting
    • For example, customer has recently changed the password for the relevant TM1 user (in the active directory) but had forgotten to update the data mart settings (in the FAP client)
      • In this scenario, everything was working OK for a long time, but suddenly the problem started occurring (soon after changing the password).
  • Scenario #5 - The CAM namespace name (inside 'Client' setting) has been typed in with the wrong case-sensitivity. For example:
    • BAD =     namespaceid\administrator
    • GOOD =      NamespaceID\Administrator
    • For more details, see separate IBM technote #1692219.
  • Scenario #6 - The user is not a member of any Cognos Analytics security role, and therefore cannot logon to any CA namespace
    • You can test this theory by trying to logon to any CA-related product (for example CA website, TM1 architect)
    • For more details, see separate IBM technote #2015593.
  • Scenario #7 - The user (defined in the FAP Data mart) does not have ADMIN rights in the target PA (TM1) instance (sometime known as 'TM1 server').
    • For more details, see separate IBM technote #1102839.
  • Scenario #8 - The Windows user account running the Cognos Analytics service (“IBM Cognos”) does not have the required rights.
    • For more details, see separate IBM technote #6470933.


FAP has been configured to use a Cognos security (CAM) namespace.

Resolving The Problem

Scenario #1

Reconfigure the Data mart entry in the Data mart tab, to use the full/correct name (for example "NamespaceID\Administrator").

1. Open the section "data marts"

2. Highlight the relevant entry, and click "Edit":

3. Modify the value for "client" to be the correct value (for example "NamespaceID\Administrator"):

Scenario #2

Ensure that the name used matches the value for the namespace ID inside Cognos Configuration.

  • In other words in the example here...

...the correct name would be something like: MyNamespaceID\Administrator

  • NOTE: The value of the namespace is case-sensitive.

Scenario #3

Obtain a short period of downtime (no users using the various systems) and:

  1. Stop the FAP service
  2. Stop the TM1 services
  3. Stop and restart the BI service
  4. IMPORTANT: Now wait a few minutes (after the service has shown that it has started) to ensure that everything is 100% up and running. Typically, waiting 2 minutes is sufficient.
  5. Start the TM1 service and wait a few minutes (again). Typically, waiting 2 minutes is sufficient, but in extreme cases it may be necessary to wait for 10 minutes.
  6. Start the FAP service
  7. Perform an initial publish.

NOTE: For full details of best practices for stopping and starting FAP/TM1 services, see separate IBM technote #1585881.

Scenario #4

Modify the data mart settings, so that it uses the new/correct password (for the user which connects to the TM1 instance).


1. Launch the FAP client
2. Click the tab 'Data mart'
3. Highlight the relevant data mart (the one that has a status 'Error')
4. Click "Edit"
5. Inside 'Edit data mart' type in the new (correct) password:
6. Click "Save"
7. Click "Start" (to start the data mart)
8. Click tab 'Logs' and ensure that the Initial Publish works OK.
Scenario #5
Type the CAM namespace name (inside 'Client' setting) with the correct case-sensitivity
  • BAD =     namespaceid\administrator
  • GOOD =      NamespaceID\Administrator
For more details, see separate IBM technote #1692219.
Scenario #6
Add the user to the relevant Cognos Analytics security role.
  • For more details, see separate IBM technote #2015593.
Scenario #7
Modify the rights of the PA instance, so that the relevant user (the one configured inside the FAP client) has full 'ADMIN' rights to the PA instance.
  • For more details, see separate IBM technote #1102839.
Scenario #8
Modify the user account used to run the Windows service "IBM Cognos" so that:
1. It has all of the following rights (on the CA server):
  • Act as part of the operating system
  • Log on as a service
2. It is a member of the local "Administrators" Windows security group (on the Cognos Analytics server).
  • For more details, see: Technote #‌6470933 here:

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12 July 2021