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TRIRIGA Group record change not copying into TRIRIGA through Object Migration

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Why do TRIRIGA Group record changes not copy through TRIRIGA Object Migration?


The short answer is that currently TRIRIGA sees this as an unsupported customization of the Group record. Let's clarify this further.

Even though technically behind the scenes Groups are Record Data. They are currently considered TRIRIGA Platform owned and so controlled BOs (Business Objects).
The platform controls exactly what Group data OM (=Object Migration) can export/import.
Thus any fields added to the Group BO will not be recognized by OM when exporting and importing Group records.
Modifications to any Platform owned and controlled BOs are not supported.
This does not just apply to Group BOs only.

If the BO is a Platform controlled Object and any changes are not supported, then why does the Platform currently allow them to change it?

TRIRIGA currently does not prevent users from modifying any BOs, even the ones that are specifically needed for core Platform functionality.
The Group BO, Document BO, triPlatformObjectLabelManager BO are just a few examples.
Although the Platform currently does nothing to actually prevent users from modifying these business objects, IBM TRIRIGA does not support the modification of any of these.
For these core Platform BOs, the Object Migration tool is designed to pull exactly what it needs for the designed Platform functionality when exporting/importing the record data tied to these business objects. So any modifications, as such, will comprise the current TRIRIGA Platform integrity, hence it being an unsupported action if done so.

The Core objects in TRIRIGA Application Platform functionality wiki details the core Platform business objects that should not be modified:

For the Group modification expressed requirement to see exported/imported with Group record data, an RFE (Request for Enhancement) was submitted and will be considered for a potential Platform change in a future TRIRIGA release version to have that change feature to the Group Business Object added.

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