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Translated help files for IBM Control Desk Version

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Are translation updates available for IBM Control Desk Version help files?


Documentation was updated for IBM Control Desk in Fix Pack Translations for the updated documentation files are available on Fix Central. The translation package includes translated plugins for both IBM Control Desk and IBM Control Desk for Service Providers.

To install the translated help files, use the instructions for manually installing translated files, which are provided in the readme file included with the fix pack. DO NOT use the configuration utility that is described in the instructions in the IBM Control Desk 7.6.0 Installation Guide to install the translated help.


There are 2 translation packages. Choose the package or packages that contain the languages that you need:
      Translated documentation for German, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Czech, and Simplified Chinese.
      Translated documentation for Slovenian, Slovakian, and Croatian.

Download Instructions

Complete the following instructions to download the translated documentation plugins:
  1. Log in to the administrative workstation.
  2. Open Fix Central using the following URL:
  3. Download the translated documentation file that you need for your implementation to a temporary location on the administrative workstation.
  4. Open the package readme file that is included in the zip file. Use the detailed instructions in the readme file to install translated help.

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Modified date:
29 September 2018