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TM1 Server Crash When MTQ.CTreeRedundancyReducer=T

Flashes (Alerts)


A defect that may cause a TM1 database crash has been identified in all versions of Planning Analytics 2.0 and TM1 10.2.2. This crash will only occur if MTQ.CTreeRedundancyReducer=T is set in the tm1s.cfg file. It is possible that a TM1 database with MTQ.CTreeRedundancyReducer=T set in the tm1s.cfg file has never crashed as a result of this defect. The TM1 database crash that results from this defect is very intermittent, and cannot be consistently reproduced.


IBM recommends explicitly setting MTQ.CTreeRedundancyReducer=F for all versions of Planning Analytics 2.0 and TM1 10.2.2.  The next generally available release of Planning Analytics will ignore the MTQ.CTreeRedundancyReducer parameter in the tm1s.cfg file and disable the use of this functionality.  This functionality will not be enabled in future releases of Planning Analytics.  The performance impact of MTQ.CTreeRedundancyReducer when processing views is minimal.

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Modified date:
31 May 2019