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TM1 iWidgets require configuration of new CrossDomainAccessList parameter to work with Cognos TM1 Web 10.2.0 FP1 and above

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In order for TM1 iWidgets to access TM1 Web objects in IBM® Cognos® TM1® Web 10.2.0 FP1 and above, you must configure the new CrossDomainAccessList parameter with the correct domain name. This requirement applies even if the two systems are on the same domain.


If this new parameter, which is blank by default, is not configured in Cognos TM1 Web, then Cognos TM1 Web prevents TM1 iWidgets from running. In particular, when using TM1 iWidgets in Cognos Workspace against Cognos TM1 Web, the content pane of the Cognos TM1 Server will work correctly but the iWidgets will appear empty.

To configure Cognos TM1 Web to allow access from TM1 iWidgets perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Cognos TM1 Web configuration file, tm1web_config.xml, located here:

    <TM1 installation directory>\webapps\tm1web\WEB-INF\configuration

  2. Update the value property of the CrossDomainAccessList parameter with the domain name of where the TM1 iWidgets are running. For example, add the name of the domain where IBM Cognos Workspace is running.

    <add key="CrossDomainAccessList" value="<fully qualified domain name>" />

    If there is more than one URL, separate each one using a comma.

  3. Save the configuration file and restart Cognos TM1 Web.

    Tip: To restart Cognos TM1 Web, restart the TM1 Application Server item in IBM Cognos Configuration.

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Modified date:
17 June 2018