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Where is the TM1 Java API , or the TM1 dotNet API documentation?


***Java Documentation ***

TM1 9.4.x through 9.5.x

For the TM1 Java API documentation on Windows, refer to your installation in the <TM1 Install>/API/JAVADOC directory.

Select or open in a browser the index.html or index-all.html file to start the view.

The Java documentation is not included in any Linux / Unix TM1 Server installations, although the Java API files are included for Java software development on these platforms.
Any java application developed for TM1 works fine in the Linux / Unix environments.

Do refer to a Windows installation for the documentation, or copy and move the JAVADOC directory to your Linux / Unix platform, if you need the documentation for your development effort there.

TM1 10.1.x and up releases

Starting with the 10.1 releases, refer to your installation directory in the <TM1 Install>/TM1JavaApiDocs directory.
Both the Windows and the Linux/Unix installations have this directory available.

*** Windows dotNet - .Net Documentation ***

TM1 9.4.x through 9.5.x

Note : This documentation was only delivered with versions TM1 9.4.x and 9.5.x on Windows installations.

For the dotNet API documentation, refer to your installation in the <TM1_Install>/API/DOTNETAPIDOC directory. Just double click to open the TM1_NET_API_Doc.chm file.

If you have a Windows Server 2003 / 2008 installation, and this file does not open, your administrator has prevented opening *.chm files on the server installation.
Opening such files is regarded as a security failure in Windows Server Operating Systems.

There is no dotNet API documentation for Linux / Unix, as dotNet development is regarded as unsuitable for these environments.

TM1 10.1.x and up releases

The dotNet documentation is no longer delivered with the TM1 Product in version 10 and higher.

Please choose to develop software with the TM1 API in C++ and Java only.

General :

There are also numerous other help locations you may be able to find on the Internet, since TM1 is well known in the developer community around the world.

For the latest information on the Technology of the TM1 API , do refer to the official documentation with the TM1 Product, including the documentation on the IBM Support site.

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24 February 2020