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TM1 10.2.2 FP1 - New setting for MTQ parameter

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The following modified topic will appear in a future version of the IBM Cognos TM1 Installation and Configuration Guide.


Sets the maximum number of threads per TM1 query.
Parameter type: optional, dynamic
To specify a maximum number of threads to use when processing queries, add the
following line to Tm1s.cfg:
where n represents the number of threads to be used for a single query.
If there is no MTQ entry in the tm1s.cfg file, MTQ is treated as being disabled.
Setting MTQ=1 or MTQ=0 disables multi-threaded query execution as well.

To set the value to the maximum number of cores available on a server, the value of all (case insensitive) can be used. For example:


This will result in a dynamic system setting that will consume all cores.

If you set MTQ equal to a negative number, that is, MTQ=-N, the number of threads that will be used is defined by the following equation:
where T= the number of threads to be used by the system
M= the number of threads on the computer

For example, if your computer has 64 cores and you set MTQ=-10,
= 55
Therefore, the system will use 55 cores.

For more information, see "Multi-Threaded Queries" in the IBM Cognos TM1
Operation Guide.

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Modified date:
17 June 2018