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TM1 10.2.2 Fix Pack 4 - New DisableAdminHostEntry parameter in Tm1p.ini controls the ability to set the Admin Host in TM1 Architect and Perspectives

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You can set DisableAdminHostEntry=T in Tm1p.ini to prevent users from modifying the Admin Host setting.


DisableAdminHostEntry is a new configuration parameter in Tm1p.ini introduced in TM1 10.2.2 FP4.

When DisableAdminHostEntry=T, the Admin Host option on the TM1 Options dialog box is disabled. This prevents a user from modifying the Admin Host setting and seeing other TM1 servers in your environment.

If DisableAdminHostEntry=F, or if the parameter is not present in the Tm1p.ini file, the user can modify the Admin Host setting.

DisableAdminHostEntry must be present in the user-specific version of the Tm1p.ini file.

When the DisableAdminHostEntry parameter is added in the system default Tm1p.ini file, the parameter and setting is copied to the user-specific version of Tm1p.ini the first time a user starts Architect or Perspectives.

If a user starts Architect or Perspectives and the DisableAdminHostEntry parameter is not present in the system default version of Tm1p.ini, DisableAdminHostEntry=F is added to the user-specific version of Tm1p.ini.

For full details on the TM1p.ini file, see The Tm1p.ini Client Configuration File on IBM Knowledge Center.

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17 June 2018