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Tivoli Storage Manager database backup fails with error ANR2968E



A database backup operation fails when the VOLUMENAMES and SCRATCH=NO parameters are specified.


The following error is displayed after initiating a BACKUP DB process:

ANR2968E Database backup terminated. DB2 sqlcode: -2033. DB2 sqlerrmc: -50.
ANR0985I Process 288 for Database Backup running in the FOREGROUND completed with completion state FAILURE at 17:17:03.
ANR1893E Process 288 for Database Backup completed with a completion state of FAILURE.


The total capacity of the volumes that are specified for database backups is smaller than the space that is used by database.

Resolving The Problem

To solve this issue, take one of following actions:

  • Run the BACKUP DB command and specify more volumes for the database backup.
  • Increase the capacity of each database backup volume by updating the MAXCAPACITY parameter for the corresponding device class.

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17 June 2018