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Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus 7.4.0 Fix Pack 3, 7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-FP0003



This fix pack is a cumulative fix release and addresses APARs and internally found issues since the release of OMNIbus 7.4.0 fix pack 2.

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The following defect solutions are included in this interim fix:


The Windows event list is unable to execute tools with external
commands if the user does not have write permissions for
%OMNIHOME%\var. Previously, a tool with external commands
created a temporary batch file to execute, and that file was
hardcoded to be in %OMNIHOME%\var. Now, a new variable is
introduced (%OMNIVAR%) so the user can configure where the
temporary batch file is created. The user should set this
variable prior to running the Windows event list, in order for
tools with external commands to be run successfully. If the
%OMNIVAR% variable is not set, the temporary batch files will
still be created in %OMNIHOME%\var.

Some fields are corrupted on the native Event List even though
the data is correct in the ObjectServer database. This problem
has been resolved.

This APAR resolves a timing condition that can result in a
Gateway deadlock if the connection to the ObjectServer is lost
during a resynchronization.
When the APAR is applied, the Gateway will wait for its back-off
interval and restart the resynchronization.
The following messages are written to the log file following a
Debug: D-GOB-105-049: [ngobjserv]: Writer: Attempting to
disconnect from server 'MANPDIS_OS'.
Debug: D-GOB-105-048: [ngobjserv]: Writer: Attempting Connection
to server 'MANPDIS_OS'.
Debug: D-IPC-053-021: Challenge callback (inmsgid = 32800)
executing due to activity on session 'MANPDIS_OS'
Debug: D-GOB-105-208: [ngobjserv]: ObjectServer 'MANPDIS_OS'
identified to be 73. Iduc V1, V2 and V2.1.
Debug: D-GOB-105-089: [ngobjserv]: Writer: Established connection to server 'MANPDIS_OS' primary.
In a working scenario with no deadlock, the next message written
to the log is:
2013-06-04T16:40:51: Debug: D-GOB-105-153: [ngobjserv]:
Resynchronisation request sent to the Resync Manager by object
If this message is not written, a deadlock has occurred.

When the backup ObjectServer in a failover pair stops running and
then restarts, it does not restart in acting primary state.
This problem is fixed.

In rules files, environment variables could not be used in paths
for lookup tables or include files where the path was a HTTP
link. Also, HTTP links could not be specified as a path to a
lookup table. These issues are resolved.

On Windows operating systems, when a native event list tool
contains more than 1 prompt, the Cancel and Help buttons on the
prompt dialog overlap. This problem is fixed.

Property names that contain non-alphanumeric characters that are
written out to the probe rules cache file but are not enclosed in
brackets caused a parse error when the cache file was reread.
This issue is resolved.

When all event inserts in an ObjectServer are fast-tracked via
the Accelerated Event Notification (AEN) system, the ObjectServer
can generate these notifications faster than they can be read by
an AEN client, such as a gateway. This causes the network buffer
to the client to become full and AEN messages to the client to be
dropped and lost.
This problem is fixed.
Now, the ObjectServer Accelerated Event Notification (AEN)
subsystem retries to send messages that could not previously be
sent because of a full network buffer. This prevents the loss of
AEN notifications when there is a high load of messages.
Also, ObjectServer gateways that receive AEN messages for
fast-tracked events now attempt to optimistically group AEN
fast-track messages into batches, to improve processing through
the gateway.

Event Collection Identifier Pattern (ECIP) capabilities have been
added to the Netcool/OMNIbus OSLC Provider. These capabilities
enable an administrator to assign a query pattern to various
resource types known in the JazzSM resource registry. The
resource types can be registered for the provision of an events
URI in reconciled resource records.
To upgrade an ObjectServer that is running the OSLC interface
with the components required for ECIP support, apply the
following SQL file to the ObjectServer:
Refer to the Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus documentation for further

On UNIX and Linux operating systems, nco_osreport fails to
connect to an ObjectServer when the host name entry for the
server in omni.dat contains a hyphen (-). The following error is
'Error reading report template: Server "<server>" could not be
found in <path>/omni.dat.'
A workaround for this problem was documented in Technote 1620137.
This problem is now fixed.

When installing a probe or gateway into Netcool/OMNIbus V7.4.0
with fix pack 2, on Windows Server 2012, the following error
message is displayed after the license is accepted:
"Deployment Engine failed to initialise"
When the error is acknowledged, the installer shuts down.
This problem occurs because fix pack 2 downgrades a component of
the integrations installer. The problem is now fixed.

When invalid characters or control characters are present in a
rules file, or an included rules file (.include), an error
message is printed and the parser exits. This problem is

In Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.4 installations, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
environment variable was not set correctly for Java-based
programs in 64-bit environments.
This problem is fixed.

A relative include statement in the probe rules file causes the
probe parser to look for a file that is relative to the directory
that the rules file is in. On Windows operating systems, an
incorrect relative path can be generated which causes the include
file to fail to load.
For example, assume that the following include is added to a
simnet.rules file in '/rules/directory/simnet.rules':
include "subdir/probewatch.include"
The probe could fail to start and the following error would be
written to the probe log file:
2013-09-23T16:37:10: Error: E-UNK-000-000: Failed to open Rules
file: /rules/directory/simnet.rules\subdir/probewatch.include
This occurs on Windows operating systems only.

An enhancement has been made to enable Netcool/OMNIbus probes to
utilize probe registry schema changes that will be introduced in
a future version of Netcool/OMNIbus.

This extension provides additional self monitoring capabilities
to an ObjectServer by monitoring internal KPIs and generating
synthetic events based on the KPI data. In addition, a threshold
table is defined so that alerts will be generated when thresholds
are breached. Finally, table counts and alerts are logged to a
new file in the $OMNIHOME/log directory. A WebGUI dashboard is
also provided to make viewing self monitoring data across your
environment easier.

This extension will provide X in Y functionality to OMNIbus. Once
installed, if XEvents and XSeconds are set in the Probe rules, it
will automatically escalate any events that breach the defined X
events in Y seconds threshold for that event. The default
escalation behaviour is to set SuppressEscl to 1 (ie.
"Escalated"). The escalation actions can be extended however by
adding your own trigger to perform additional actions when
SuppressEscl is set to 1.

The log rotation feature that allows old log and trace files to
be saved without overwriting has been expanded to all operating
systems. The following properties are no longer restricted to
Windows operating systems only:

Using the HTTP interface to select a table with a name that is
too long can cause a memory corruption. This problem is resolved.

The ServerName field is incorrect for GatewayWatch events. This
problem has been resolved.
For new installations, run nco_dbinit as normal.
To apply the fix to an existing installation, you must manually
update the new_row trigger in automation.sql. To do this, take
one of the following actions:
1) Copy the new_row trigger from the default automation.sql file.
2) Alternatively, edit the new_row trigger in automation.sql and
change this line:
if ( %user.is_gateway = false )
to this:
if ( ( %user.is_gateway = false ) OR (( new.Manager =
'GatewayWatch' ) AND ( new.ServerSerial = 0 )) )

The JRE for Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus is updated to IBM JRE 6.0 SR15
to address possible security issues.

The GSKit component used by Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus is upgraded to
version This is done to address a potential security
problem that is fixed in this version of GSKit.

Three configuration files are added to the
$NCHOME/omnibus/extensions directory to enable integration
between Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus and IBM SmartCloud Analytics - Log
Analysis. Two files are required to configure the accelerated
event notification channel and one file is required to create
Active Event List right-click tools and menus.

LDAP bind can fail if SSL is configured to use Windows Active
Directory. This problem has been resolved.


This fix pack installs on any GA release of Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus 7.4.0.

Installation Instructions


IMPORTANT: Before installing this fix, ensure that all Tivoli Network
Management applications on your computer have been shutdown.

Extract the contents of 7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-<arch>-FP0003.tar
in to a temporary directory, replacing the <arch> placeholder with the
string identifying your platform.

From within the directory enter the following command to install this fix



IMPORTANT: Before installing this fix, ensure that all Tivoli Network
Management applications on your computer have been shutdown.

Extract the contents of
in to a temporary directory.

To install this fix interactively double click install.exe.

[{"DNLabel":"7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-AIX-FP0003","DNDate":"7 Feb 2014","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"383692800","DNPlat":{"label":"AIX","code":"PF002"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-HPUXIA-FP0003","DNDate":"7 Feb 2014","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"517580800","DNPlat":{"label":"HP-UX","code":"PF010"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-Linux-FP0003","DNDate":"7 Feb 2014","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"491499520","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-ZLinux-FP0003","DNDate":"7 Feb 2014","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"348129280","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux","code":"PF016"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-Windows-FP0003","DNDate":"7 Feb 2014","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"482700841","DNPlat":{"label":"Windows","code":"PF033"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"7.4.0-TIV-NCOMNIbus-Solaris-FP0003","DNDate":"7 Feb 2014","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"469513728","DNPlat":{"label":"Solaris","code":"PF027"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null}]
[{"Product":{"code":"SSSHTQ","label":"Tivoli Netcool\/OMNIbus"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"--","Platform":[{"code":"PF002","label":"AIX"},{"code":"PF010","label":"HP-UX"},{"code":"PF016","label":"Linux"},{"code":"PF027","label":"Solaris"},{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"7.4.0","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB45","label":"Automation"}}]

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Problems (APARS) fixed

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