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Tivoli Field Guide - A Brief Introduction to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Disaster Recovery Manager

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The purpose of this Field Guide is to provide a short, simple explanation of the concepts and methodologies that are necessary to implement basic TSM Disaster Recovery functionality using the TSM Disaster Recovery Manager. I will start with a few concepts necessary for TSM disaster recovery and continue with a basic configuration of the TSM Disaster Recovery Manager (DRM). I’ll use the new TSM Administration Center version to work with DRM.

This field guide is not intended to be a comprehensive tutorial on the TSM Disaster Recovery Manager or any kind of “best practices” guide. Its intention is simply to provide a starting point -- an answer to the question “How do I get the TSM DRM module going as quickly as possible?” At the end of the Field Guide, I will provide further information on the best resources for delving further into TSM functionality, planning, architecture, features, best practices, and disaster recovery.

tfg_DRM Intro V2.pdf

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Modified date:
17 June 2018