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Tivoli Field Guide - Backup and Restore of eDirectory with TSM

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The intent of this document is to help in the process of building a backup solution by presenting
several tools, techniques, and scenarios. This document is intended for professionals with a
working knowledge of eDirectory and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager.

In the past Novell eDirectory was run on Novell NetWare as Novell Directory Services (NDS).
Backup was fully handled by the Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive client. It would run up
and down the tree reading, and backing up, each object separately. Since then Novell has
released backup tools which make the task far simpler. This document uses these tools in
conjunction with basic Tivoli Storage Manager commands to fully backup the tree.

This document was tested with Novell eDirectory run on Novell OES 2 SP3, in conjunction with
the Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive client. The scenarios in this document were created
on eDirectory version 8.8. The scenarios also used Tivoli Storage Manager Backup-Archive
client version 6 release 2, though any version should work.

Original Publication Date

28 December 2011

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Modified date:
17 June 2018